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theme documentation

Thank you for using Arcadic, and don’t worry, we’ll help you with any issues you may encounter when installing and setting up this theme. Firstly, you have all the themes features and functions well-documented below. If you run into trouble, always come back here. If the trouble persists, let us know and our Theme Support will gladly help you out.


Installing WordPress

Before you can start using our themes, you need to have WordPress up and running on your website or local server. Installing WordPress is super-easy, and should not take more than 5 minutes. For further instructions on how to install the latest version of WordPress, please visit the Codex.

Theme Installation and Setup

To download the theme files, you first need to become a member of our theme club. Once you got that out of the way, simply login by clicking the Members Area located in the top navigation menu, and download Arcadic theme. Logged in, you will also be able to download the theme directly at the Edition theme page. The themes files come in .zip format for you to unzip and upload via FTP to wp-content / themes of your WordPress installation. You can of course also choose to upload the zip-file and install the theme from the WordPress-admin, under the tab Appearence >> Themes. There, you’ll see two tabs at the top of the page – Manage Themes and Install Themes. Click the tab Install Themes and upload the zip file.

Theme Options Page

Via the Theme Options Page (after installing and activating the theme you’ll see our little monster mascot appear in the left column in the admin. That’s the Theme options page) you may configure a whole bunch of theme features. The theme options page is split up into three tabs – General, Homepage and Import/Export. Configurable theme features under each tab are listed below. As for the tab Import/Export, that where you may import theme options settings from our other themes, as well as export your settings for Arcadic.

Options available under the General tab:

  • Logo – Upload your logo image or select from the gallery.
  • Favicon – Upload your favicon image or select from the gallery.
  • Choose Color Scheme – This theme comes in two flavors, light and dark. Pick one.
  • Header Message – Header message text over the slider.
  • Show Related Posts – The theme displays three related posts under the post. You can switch it off here.
  • Google Map – Enter link of your Google Map location.
  • Contact Form Email – Enter your contact form email here.
  • Facebook – Add your Facebook Fan Page username or ID here.
  • Twitter – Add your Twitter profile link here.
  • Feedburner – Add your Feedburner username here.

Options available under the Homepage tab:

  • Animate Slider Automatically – The slider animates automatically on page load. If you want to turn that off chose ‘No’
  • Slider Caption – Choose to show or hide the text caption e.i. the project title here.
  • Testimonials – Select your testimonials page.

The options available under the Import/Export tab enables you to import or export your theme settings.


Arcadic theme has two spots to display you menus, in the header next to the logo, and aligned right in the footer. You will be able to create separate menus for these two spots, by going to Appearance >> Menus in the WordPress admin. There you’ll first have to create your menus, if you haven’t already, and then assigning each created menu to on of the two available menu locations.


When you first install Arcadic, it will surely look nothing like the demo. This is simply because:

  1. The customized header message has not been configured – yet
  2. The new custom post type Projects, contains of no published projects – yet
  3. The homepage Slider has no projects or posts assigned to it – yet
  4. The page that holds your Testimonials has not been configured – yet
  5. The Twitter feed has not been configured – yet

The one section that may display content, if you have any posts published, is Recent Articles. Now let’s configure the homepage!

Adding a header message

The header message is the two lines of text place directly under the logo and menu and above the slider. To add your own super-cleaver message, go to the Theme Options Page located in the admin. Click on the General tab and scroll down until you see the Header Message options. Add your text and hit Save.

Note! You may customize the header message on each individual post, page and project-post as well. But when you haven’t, the message you’ve added in the Theme Options Page will apply sitewide.

Show projects under Latest Work

Upon installation and activation of Arcadic theme, a new custom post type will be added to the left column in the admin. Just under Posts you will see a new menu item named Projects. This is to separate your sites varying content – your blog posts and static pages from your published projects. Add a new project by clicking Add new from the Projects tab. There you can add all the normal stuff, but you’ll also notice a few extra features to fill in. In the box below the text editor, named Project information, you can choose to add the projects external website url, and embed any video clip you may have of the project. Note! if you choose to include a video, it will replace the Featured Image when on the Project page.

You’ll also see the box named Header Message where you can add a specific header message for this page only. Lastly, in the right column, under Types and above Featured Image you have the option of including the the project in the Slider
of the homepage. If you choose to do so, simply mark the checkbox, and make sure the image you have chosen as Featured Image is no less than 900 pixels wide and 400 pixels high.

Enabling the Slider

If there are no posts/projects assigned to the Slider, the Slider will not show.

But before you start adding projects or posts to the slider, you may want to configure the Slider settings. Go the Theme Options Page >> Homepage and configure the Slider. There you can decide if you want the slider to run automatically, or remain still. You may also choose to show or hide a caption of the title and excerpt of each featured post/project.

When adding a new or editing an existing post or project-post, you always have the option of including it in the homepage Slider. In the right column, under Types and above Featured Image you have the option of including the the project in the Slider of the homepage. If you choose to do so, simply mark the checkbox, and make sure the image you have chosen as Featured Image is no less than 900 pixels wide and 400 pixels high. And don’t forget to hit Update or Publish before you leave.

Setting up Testimonials

  1. First you will need some testimonials. Since you are awesome and people love your work that shouldn’t be too hard. Ask some of your previous clients to drop a few lines about your awesome self. Once you got them, return to the WordPress admin and create a new page under Pages >> Add new.
  2. Add your testimonials to the text editor and make sure to separate them using the Insert more tag ([code][/code]).
  3. Publish/Update the page and head on over to the Theme Options page, and locate the option named Testimonials under the Homepage tab.
  4. Choose the page containing your testimonials from the dropdown menu.
  5. Don’t forget to Save before you leave!

Configuring the Twitter Feed

  1. Revisit the Theme Options Page in the WordPress admin.
  2. Locate the option named Twitter under the General tab.
  3. Add your Twitter-username
  4. Don’t forget to hit Save before you leave

Page templates

Arcadic comes with four page templates – Portfolio, Contact, Full Width and Blog. To set up these pages you need to create a new page for each and then select the page template from the dropdown list under Page Attributes.

Portfolio page template

The Portfolio page in Arcadic is a so called Page Template. It displays all your published Projects, along with a cool filter function. To set it up, all you have to do is create a new page under Pages >> Add new and assign the Portfolio page template to that page. Add the page title and then locate the box named Page Attributes, to the right of the text editor, under Publish. In the dropdown menu with title Template, choose Portfolio and Update/Publish the page. Then add it to the header menu, as instructed above.

Blog page template

To set up the blog, you need to do two things – create a new page and assign the Blog Page Template to it and then add that page to the menu so you can access it. You create a new page by clicking Pages >> Add new. Below the box titled Publish to the right of the text editor, under Page Attributes you’ll find a dropdown menu where you can select the Blog Page Template. Then add a title to the page and hit Update/Publish. Then head on over Appearance >> Menus and add the page to your menu.

Contact page template

So we’ve made a special page template for your Contact page, including a email form of it own and a dynamic Google map to display the location of your office/dorm room/evil lare.

So let’s setup the Contact page first shall we – Create a new page by going to Pages >> Add new. Give the page a name and select the Contact Page Template from the dropdown menu under Page Attributes, located to the right of the text editor, below Publish. Hit Update/Publish and once saved leave the page and go to Appearance >> Menus to add the page to your menu.

Display the Google Map
To display the Google map on the Contact page, you must add the map’s url. Go to Google Maps type in your location and copy the website url. Then go to Theme Options Page >> General and under Google Map paste the url. Don’t forget to hit save!

Configure the email form
The email form we have included is nice and simple with just the absolutely necessary fields. To make sure you receive the emails sent from the form, add you email by going to the Theme Options Page >> General under Contact Form Email.

Arcadic comes with three separate sidebars – one for the blog and its posts, one for the portfolio and one for pages. All sidebars come widget-ready, meaning you can easily add any number of functions and features to the sidebar. Just head on over to Appearance >> Widgets and drag and drop away.


In Arcadic theme, we have included a custom post type named Projects. All project-posts are displayed under Latest Work on the homepage and in the Portfolio page. As the theme was built for hard working creatives to show off their past and ongoing projects, we wanted to separate that type of content from other publications such as blog posts and static pages. So, assuming you have chosen Arcadic for such a purpose, when you add new projects, always use the custom post type Projects.

Client & Types taxonomies

We have also included two custom taxonomies to help your categorize your projects – Client and Types. So you can add different types of projects your doing and for which clients you are working. Types are pretty much like Tags which you add to recurring to each project. These types will then show up the the filter on the portfolio page to help visitors sort your projects. The Clients taxonomy is like categories, and will not show up anywhere automatically. You make however display your Clients by using a extended Category widget.

Project Thumbnail

To display a thumbnail along with your project, in the portfolio page, related posts section, similar projects section and homepage “Latest work” section, make sure you upload an image and pick it as Featured Image. This is done in the Media Uploader.

Embed video on a project page

If you have a video of your project, you can embed the video to replace the Featured Image, by simple pasting the url of the video page at YouTube or Vimeo into Project video field under Further information.

Active the slider on a project page

Whenever more than one image has been uploaded to the Gallery, the slider activates. Just make sure you haven’t added a video, as the video-embed function overwrites the Slider and Featured Image.


By going to them Theme Options Page ➝ General ➝ Logo and uploading your logo there. Easy peezy!

How do I change the color scheme and background pattern?

Go to Theme Options Page ➝ General ➝ Color Scheme and select your color. This will affect the header background color as well as button and link colors throughout the theme. To add a background image or pattern upload the image in the option below named Background Pattern. Not that the background image is placed over the selected color in Color Scheme, so it is advisable to use transparency if uploading a seamless pattern.

Why isn’t my theme looking like the demo?

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